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How To Excel At Interview


Whether it’s for a place at university, for the job of your dreams or for Tutorean, being solid at interview is invaluable competency. We’ve asked our superstar tutors what they had to say and came up with 3 Top Tips on how to excel at interview.


1. Be prepared

The first step is research. This goes beyond familiarising yourself with the job role and extends to understanding where you fit in the bigger picture. Before you dive into the archives though, think about answering the following questions to focus your prep.

  • What is the role you’re applying for?
  • What will your responsibilities be?
  • What do the company do and what are their values?
  • In your chosen field, what are the latest headlines, opinions and changes?
  • Where is the industry heading and how will you and the company play a part in?
  • If you were interviewing someone else for this job, what would you be looking for?

Preparing answers to these questions will show you’ve done your due diligence, ultimately coming across more knowledgeable, competent and confident.


2. Be passionate

There’s nothing better for the interviewer to see their candidate show they’re genuinely excited about the position. After all, it should be something you really love doing, or at least have the potential to love, since you’ll be spending a significant proportion of your time doing it.

Your passion can shine through in a number of ways including your facial expressions, your tone and of course, your body language.


3. Stand out from the crowd

Imagine…thousands of people are answering exactly the same questions as you. Many of them are going to be answering in a very similar way. Put yourself in the employer’s shoes: what’s going to make you stand out? What alternative perspective can you give?

Thinking outside the box and being brave in your convictions will go a really long way to owning your interview.

Of course, the best way to improve is to practise. So, if you are applying for the job of your dreams, do try recording yourself or asking someone to give you a mock run!

If you’re thinking about being a Tutorean tutor, you will be automatically invited to complete our one-way video interview as soon as you’ve submitted your profile. This means you’ll be able to practise your interview skills in the comfort of your own home, be able to rewatch your answers and we’ll even provide you with honest feedback as soon as you’re finished.


Note: if you’ve already submitted your profile but have not received an invite to our online interview space, please write to for the link.